Spring is Here: Time to Rid Your Lawn of Its Winter Trappings

Spring is a season of new growth, and one of the very first places you might notice this is your lawn. Unfortunately, many homeowners see that their lawns are essentially a mess by the time spring appears. Winter can leave a lot of damage behind that needs to be cleaned up.

Clean Up Debris

When you begin to get your yard ready for the warm months of extended use, the very first thing is to pick up any debris laying around. Hard winds could bring litter into your yard, and there are often some leaves left behind from the fall. Sticks, twigs, and rocks are also items you will want to cleanup.

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Take Care of Flowerbeds

Tackling your flowerbeds is another vital step in lawn care Andover. Some plants may need to be pulled out and replaced, but mostly you will just need to weed. It is a clever idea to replace any mulch you use. Remember to place a layer of fertilizer under the mulch to allow for additional nutrients to seep into the soil.


Although the grass is most likely dead, it’s also probably high. A quick mow and taking the trimmer around the walkways is necessary. Remember to keep your grass at least 40% of it’s original height, however, or you risk irreparably damaging it.

Fertilizer, Etc.

If you want your lawn looking it’s best, you’ll want to take care of your grass. There are special fertilizers you can use on lawns, or you might want to utilize aeration. If you have bare spots, use grass seed and cover it with a light coating of traditional fertilizer to encourage growth.

It may take a little time, but soon enough your lawn will look brand new for spring. The trappings of a long, chilly winter are behind you and the warm, summer months will show a lot of use of your yard.