Source, Supply & Use Of PPE

For those who did not know up to just now, PPE is now the regularly used acronym that stands for – personal protection equipment. And you had best be getting used to the expression because, as things stand right now, it does not look like COVID-19 is going away any day soon. That of course, is putting it mildly. In the meantime, if you are now running your own business, whether you are working from home, work out of an industrial workshop, or run a downtown store, you’d best get used to the idea of investing regularly in a covid-19 ppe sourcing program.

covid-19 ppe sourcing program

The sourcing program is necessary because this ensures that you are able to acquire your required PPE (personal protection equipment) stock on a regular basis, perhaps even at short notice, particularly during what could be categorised as emergency situations.

It is not exactly breaking news at this time, but latest news from all stakeholders with the expertise to make determinations as best as they can under the circumstances is that the COVID-19 virus could be with you for up to three years. Its aftereffects or reverberations if you will could still be felt for a lot longer.

Even if you are working from home, you should be making every effort to keep both yourself and your family safe at all times, particularly if the nature of your business is to receive clients in your home office or study from time to time.

Working out of an industrial workshop should not have precluded you from personal protection equipment in any case because by now, if you knew what you were doing, you would be quite familiar with the required risk management protocols to keep both premises and personnel safe.