Getting a Scan, Comfortably and Quick

When getting an MRI done, the benefits are that it gives doctors a greater and more detailed insight into the health and condition of a patient’s body. Certain pains and aches can be explained by what the MRI shows. However, to some, getting an MRI can be an anxious event because of how it is done. Being inside a machine for a period of time can cause some to feel a bit of anxiety and claustrophobia. Fortunately there are solutions.

An Open Machine

For those who have these concerns, there are machines where the scanning is done without having to be enclosed in a small space. These alternatives function and do the same form of scan as traditional machines. They also help patients who have a higher BMI index where traditional machines can be too constraining.

Upright and Comfortable

Another form of an open MRI scanner is the upright MRI. With this machine, the patient doesn’t need to be laying down and be inserted in a machine. Instead, he or she can be standing up right, where the machine then performs a scan. With nothing being too close to the body, the upright scanner does the same work without making a patient feel like they are in an enclosed space.

open MRI scanner

Overcoming Any Anxiety

Since caring for one’s health is of utmost importance, these machines make it easier for patients to get the checkup they need to have a better understanding of their current and future health. Any discomfort shouldn’t be a cause for avoiding getting that MRI done. In some cases, doctors even provide counseling and special therapy for those who have some sort of anxiety regardless of the machine that will be used. However, these machines’ purpose is to work with patients’ needs and concerns so that they get the care they need with the information retrieved.