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Honey, There’s A Bear On Our Porch!

Yikes! That’s got to be one of the scariest occurrences in any country living folks’ lives. But they are never as scared as you may think. Living out in the country after so many years, it is expected to be in close proximity with a national heritage that must be preserved. What’s a bear got to do when your cabin is stuck smack bang in the middle of his neck of the woods? He and his family have been living out there for many generations, so give the icon his due.

bear carving

Also, the folks out there know pretty much how to protect themselves from this and any other number of bugbears you can expect to be experiencing out in the wilds. Coming across a grizzly bear on the outskirts of your suburban network, however, may well be a scary matter. Because not in anyone’s wildest dreams are you expecting to see a bear or two roaming your streets as you wait for your bus off to work.

There are bears out there. You find them in restaurants and hotel lobbies. You may even find them placed deliberately down at your next vacationing lodge. But don’t panic, it is ‘only’ a bear carving. It’s part of a wide variety of very creative chainsaw carvings being prepared for folks who simply adore the biggest bears of them all. And no, you do not need to fear the chainsaw guy either. He is, in actual fact, quite a creative gentleman. He will make you a fine suite of wooden furniture too if you like.

This is for those of you who truly enjoy the country feel but are never going to get close enough to it on a regular basis. Let chainsaw artists bring the country back to your neck of the woods.